Your company or business logo is what identifies you. Regardless of the size of your business…large or small, it’s an extremely important that whenever a client or potential client sees your logo, they immediately identify the logo with your business or company. Technology Six has created several hundred logos and graphics for all of our clients over the years, and are experts in logo and graphic design.

I think we can all agree that the web environment and standards have changed quite a bit over the years. In order to be a relevant and effective web developer, it’s imperative that we stay at the forefront of the technology and standards to keep up with these demands. I have developed a process that accomplishes all of the necessary goals to ensure that your website will boost your online image, brand and grow your business, regardless of the size.Goodyear SEO

Some of the more important aspects that Technology Six focuses on are:

  • A clean and up to date design that accomplishes your goals
  • Getting you ranking well on all of the major search engines with solid and proven
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices
  • Design and Implementation of all graphics and logos that help promote your brand and business
  • Register all client domain names and provide hosting
  • Promotes client involvement as you’re an important part of the project
  • Content Management System (CMS) to help the client save money by making simple edits if they choose
  • Customizing each web project and flow for each client, as they are all different

There is certainly no shortage of web design and development businesses to work with. One of the more popular options now is, “the free website”. There is no such thing as “free”! You will end up paying thousands of dollars for a less expensive, cookie cutter website that is not customized for your business. They achieve this by having you commit to monthly payments. You don’t own the website or the files. And when you no longer pay, your website is no longer.

Here at Technology Six, I don’t subscribe to the “monthly payment” model for any of my clients. We agree on a price that makes you happy, and that’s it. I do request a third or half of the total price before getting started, then when the website is completed, arrangements for the final payment can be made. You own the files and the website! I can and will work with any budget or business, large or small to help you be successful.

Technology Six provides every service necessary for all clients to have a solid and successful web presence. All aspects of the project are completed “in-house” and I don’t utilize any contractors or temporary employees at any time.

For any Goodyear Graphic Design Services or Goodyear Web Design project, please consider Technology Six.

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