A+ Certification LogoTechnology Six is here to help when it comes to Goodyear Computer Repair Services or West Valley Computer Repair Services. With the ever increasing amount of technology and devices, both personal and for your homes or businesses, it can be overwhelming at times. Especially as we all depend on it to run our daily lives or businesses. You need someone you can trust, is experienced with all forms of devices and technologies, is on call 24-7 and doesn’t overcharge you.

I like to compare computers to cars. You can’t drive your car for 300,000 miles and expect it to continue to work well. Computers are the same way. At a minimum, standard maintenance should be performed every six months, if nothing major has occurred. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to call Technology Six for an appointment.Goodyear computer services

I charge about a third to a half of what Best Buy, or any other mainstream technology businesses do. I want to be your go-to “tech guy” from the first appointment onward. That’s not going to happen if I charge you too much money. Many times I don’t even charge my clients, if I’m just stopping in to solve a 10 minute issue.

Services Provided
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone maintenance and repair
  • Wireless Network Setup and Security for your home or business
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Security for all of your devices
  • Virus Removal
  • New Computer setup and installation
  • Always available for consultation
Data Recovery and Back-Up Services

The next important thing for me to address here is…backing up your files, pictures, documents or anything else that you absolutely can’t lose. Most of us (including me, several years ago when I was starting out) have learned about this the hard way, by having our computers crash and losing everything.MCP Logo

Technology Six will walk you through the process of backing up your data, pictures and documents, so it’s painless and inexpensive. Knowing everything that is important to you will always be there, regardless of what happens to any of your devices, will give you peace of mind.

If by chance, you do not have a regular back-up plan and your computer “crashed”, Technology Six can recover the data in most if not all cases. For your Goodyear Data Recovery Services, consider Technology Six.

Wireless Network Setup

Certified Wireless Network ExpertTechnology Six has installed hundreds of Wireless Networks for both homes and businesses. In the home, we all have been adding more and more devices each year. Many of us have at least one video game console and in many cases several, add some tablets, laptops, phones, HDTV’s, Smart TV’s, Roku boxes…and several other types of devices and suddenly the need for a more powerful wireless router, along with proper installation, becomes way more important.

In most cases, the more you spend on a wireless router, the better and faster it is. They are made to handle the types of loads that we are putting on them now, with all the extra devices we’re getting. I always recommend to my clients to get the best wireless router you can afford. I promise that you’ll be happier in the long-run.

Along with the above mentioned points, proper installation is absolutely important. Especially with the higher end routers. There are several settings that need to be adjusted and optimized for your situation and number of devices. Proper placement of the wireless router is the most important thing, so all of your devices can get the strongest signal possible.

Whether you get the least expensive or the most expensive wireless router…it’s still an investment. Protect your investment by getting it installed properly and professionally with our Goodyear Wireless Network Installation Services.

For your next Wireless Network installation, please visit the Contact page or call (623) 810-5388.