Ross Tucker, the owner and operator of Technology Six, was privileged to be a fire fighter for several years.  As a fire fighter and expert draftsman, I have a unique skillset that enables me to have an understanding of the drafting needs for the fire service that few have.  In this challenging financial climate for fire departments, having the option of using Technology Six for all your Fire Department CAD Services, is not only convenient but can save your department quite a bit of money.

Our capabilities include:

  • 2d or 3d Incident Reconstruction of all types
  • Pre Plans
  • Fire Scene Reconstruction
  • Major Wildland Fire Imagery and Maps for all applications
  • Graphics for any and all of your department needs
  • Fire Department Website Development
  • Process Documentation
  • Strategic Planning Graphics and CAD
  • Presentations of all types
  • Incident Maps and Graphics


One of the more common practices of incident investigation and analysis, is a 2d or 3d representation of the scene, to assist all involved parties or agencies in the investigation.  The value and accuracy of this drawing is extremely important, and cannot be understated.

Technology Six can easily accomplish this task with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help all agencies and parties involved.  T6 can provide and all necessary views and graphical styles to bring the scene to life.

This becomes very beneficial in showing a jury, insurance company or investigating agency what a person could have, or should have, seen from a given point. These views can also be used in demonstrating the different perspectives experienced by the first in units, as well as others who were present during the incident.


If you would like to inquire about any of our Fire Department CAD Services, please go to the Contact Us page or call (623)810-5388 and you will receive a response promptly.